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Yosemite Pizza wants the communities of the Mother Lode area to thrive. We support events and charities that align with our commitment to building healthy, sustainable, educated, and happy people. Email if you would like us to list a fundraising or community event here that fits that description!

Yosemite Half Marathon for the Yosemite Conservancy

Support Yosemite Pizza's team of 12 runners as we raise $2000 for the Yosemite Conservancy on May 6, 2023 through the Wander Project's Charity Bib program.

Click to learn more and donate!


Mother Lode Mile Crushers

Meet at Sierra Cider on Sundays at noon for a group run (long or short, fast or slow, flat or straight uphill, rain or shine) as we reach our mileage goals and enjoy a sip, pizza, and games. After months of wintry delay, we'll start gettin' it on May 14!

Group Running

Mariposa Girl Scout Troop 3086

Thanks for buying all those cookies! The troop will be getting horse riding lessons!

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