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Yosemite Pizza: We are a mobile, wood-fired kitchen/restaurant serving private, catered, and pop-up events. We craft artisan pizzas merging the time-honored traditions of our Italian ancestors with local, sustainable ingredients showcasing the tastiest treasures of California's Sierra Nevada and Central Valley.

Read more about out our food, service, and ethos below. Contact us to chat about any questions you have: (209) 446-7729;; or stop by one of our pop-up events!

Catch our piping hot pizzas in real life at a variety of community events, bars, and farmers markets.


Inspired by master Neapolitan pizzaiolos but willing to break with tradition to showcase local, sustainable ingredients, Yosemite Pizza honors our ancestral Italian traditions while highlighting the tastiest treasures of the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada regions. We use California-milled “00” flours and homegrown Scaffidi Giardini herbs in our sauces whenever possible. Our thin-crust, bubbly, personal 11-inch pies are flash-cooked to perfection in our ovens fueled by local fruit and oak woods. Yosemite Pizza aims to serve the best farm-fresh pizzas while caring for the communities, lands, and creatures that animate us all. 


Scaffidi Giardini (Scaffidi Gardens) is the homestead where we grow organic herbs and vegetables for Yosemite Pizza and Yosemite Provisions. Our gardens are located amidst the manzanita and pine trees in the beautiful rolling hills of Mariposa where the fresh, clean spring water nourishes our culinary pursuits.


We launched the idea for Yosemite Pizza during the second year of the pandemic, when we were all lonely, super-divided, and we noticed that there were few food options in our new community. Here are some of the reasons we think pizza is the perfect antidote to those challenges--after you eat with us, we hope you'll agree!  

1. Pizza does not care about your politics.
  2. Pizza builds community.
3. Have you met pizza's best friend, beer?
 4. Have you met pizza's best friend, wine?
 5. Have you met pizza's best friend, cider?
6. Pizza can be animal or vegetable.
7. Yeast is alive, it's alive!!!! (*insert mad scientist laugh*)!
8. Simple, close to the earth ingredients taste the best. 
9. Charring builds character. 
10. The best things in life are round.

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